About Whabam

Meet The Team!

Stacey Roy

CEO | Host | Creator

It all began bouncing around the wild west of Southern Alberta. Quickly coming to crescendo, as Stacey crashed her way to the pinnacle of the Calgary pageant scene with the title of Miss Teen Calgary.

Performing was in her blood, and she quickly realized that there was only one place in Canada she had to be, so she packed her bags for adventure and headed out west to Vancouver to start building a career in acting. It wasn't long before she met Mike.

Together, they created Whabam: a creative outlet for their nerdy passions. From acting to directing, producing and editing, Stacey expanded her knowledge of filmmaking and content creation.

Now, she considers herself to be the luckiest girl in the world, master of her domain, and, of course, The Nerdy Bartender!

Mike Parkerson

CEO | Producer | Editor

Mike has always loved being the guy who makes it possible for heroes to become "Heroes". Like the veritable leader of the x-men (insert bald joke), his calling has always been tinkering with the mechanics of making a project come to life.

Growing up in the greater Vancouver area, he had been surrounded by the magic of "Hollywood North" his entire life.  As soon as he got his hands on his first camera, he eagerly jumped into creating his own content.

After an eternity of relentlessly chasing industry veterans, absorbing everything he possibly could, and studying the Internet in all its mystery, he is excited to now be captaining his own ship (insert bald joke), running his own productions and sharing his content with the world.

The Knights of Whabam

Senior Moderators

"Stacey Chat is Best Chat" or "#SCiBC" as it's known within Chatland is what sums up the community that we've built. But that didn't just happen overnight. Our team of mods work long and hard, and remain diligent to maintain the standards set by Stacey herself. Of these heroes, there are a few who have become such a integral part of Whabam, that we cannot envision a future without them.

Brought together from all parts of the world, they combine their unique skill sets and experience into empowering the greatest community on Twitch. This team truly embodies another code, one that is only whispered in the shadows: #WhabamWorldwide.