The Great Gingerbread House of 2017

Dec 22, 2017 by Stacey

Making gingerbread houses is one of my favorite holiday activities, but sadly I don’t get to build them as often as I’d like.  Fortunately, Cooking with Stacey has changed this: Gingerbread Competition Hype! One of the many things that I love about my family is that they don’t...

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The Bacon Equation

Dec 22, 2017 by Stacey

I had so much fun making that smoked cocktail earlier this month that I just HAD to use Breville’s Smoking Gun on Cooking with Stacey!  One problem: what do I smoke? The world is my (smoked) oyster and this was an important decision. What do I smoke? The world is my (smoked) oyster and this...

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Bite Sized Deliciousness

Dec 10, 2017 by Stacey

One thing that you’ll quickly learn about me is that I love tasting different types of flavors throughout my meal- which is why I love tapas so much. I just want to eat as many different things as possible! My version of heaven includes Chatland making me their dishes every day. Episode 30’s...

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Smoking in the Sidecar

Dec 05, 2017 by Stacey

First of all, full disclosure Breville sponsored my “Smoking in the Sidecar” cocktail episode of Nerdy Bartender, but this blog post is not sponsored in any way. That being said, HOW AWESOME IS THAT “SMOKING GUN”?! When it first arrived, I ripped open the box and one of...

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Pancake Burger & French Toast Fries

Nov 25, 2017 by Stacey Roy

It’s no secret that I love fast food; french fries, cheeseburgers, and of course: nuggets.  I’ve always believed that there’s never a bad time for a quick drive-thru run (we don’t have Postmates or UberEats where I live)... and then I had an idea: fast food breakfast that...

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The Science of Hype: A Different Perspective

Oct 30, 2017 by Mike

Being the host of a live stream is hard.  Let me rephrase that: "being good at hosting a live stream is hard".  The stakes are always high, one mistake, one slip up can cause an uproar (take Pewdiepies's recent reason for being in the news).  Not only that but to...

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They see me rollin

Oct 23, 2017 by Mike

It's no secret that I dislike a lot of film schools and what they offer aspiring filmmakers. I am a product of the Internet: everything I have learned has either been on set (whether mine or someone else's) or on the computer.  Be it Sam and Niko from Corridor Digital, the Connollys over...

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Bring Out The Crazies

Sep 26, 2017 by Mike

There's something special about a fan film.  The passion, the grind, the overtime and the sacrifices that every single person makes to bring a vision to life.  Nightwing: The Darkest Knight is no different, it was just a passion project that brought many of Vancouver's finest filmmakers...

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Drinking on the Job

Sep 21, 2017 by Mike

  There are beer commercials, and then there are Beer Commercials. This story follows that latter of the two. Right after our first Blizzcon (2015), we got the opportunity to work with Redtail Media and Brew Dog Breweries for a commercial for their beer: the Punk IPA. It was one of those...

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