Oh We Fancy

Feb 12, 2018 by Stacey

When I found out that Vancouver's biggest newspaper (The Vancouver Sun) wanted to do a piece on us, I knew we had to go big for the episode.  So like any rational person, I decided to make a dish that had three time-sensitive easy-to-screw-up aspects that I knew would end in one of two ways: complete and utter disaster or the greatest victory ever.  Go big or go home.

...the dish (could) go one of two ways: complete and utter disaster or the greatest victory ever.

The dish in question was a brown butter hollandaise that covers eggs benedict in little ham baskets which are sided with a raspberry caviar spring salad.

There's a lot to digest here (pun intended), but it's the "raspberry caviar" that catches most people's eye.  I got all scientific and busted out some molecular gastronomy for this.  Similar to the Snow Globe cocktail that I've made in the past; but instead of blue curacao, I used frozen raspberries and Triple Sec.  

The baskets were made with deli ham that was baked in muffin sheets at 425 degrees for 10 minutes.  Then, I put in some ripped up spinach for a base. I separated an egg for each basket then added a yolk on top of the spinach leaves.  Next, I poured in the egg whites until they almost filled the baskets and topped it with chives and cracked pepper.  Finally, it went back into the oven for 5-7 minutes, and VOILA!   

When the eggs baskets were done, I plated them and drizzled my brown butter hollandaise sauce over the eggs and plate.  This is one of the prettiest dishes I have ever made and it tasted delicious!  I highly recommend you make it!

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