Smoking in the Sidecar

Dec 05, 2017 by Stacey

First of all, full disclosure Breville sponsored my “Smoking in the Sidecar” cocktail episode of Nerdy Bartender, but this blog post is not sponsored in any way.

That being said, HOW AWESOME IS THAT “SMOKING GUN”?! When it first arrived, I ripped open the box and one of the first things I saw was their recipe card for a Smoked Sidecar. So naturally, I looked at it and thought "This looks amazing, but what if we ditched the simple syrup and replaced it with peaches? And honey? And thyme!" So, I did.  The result was delicious and I dubbed it "Smoking in the Sidecar".

Some of you may remember when I previously attempted to smoke a cocktail on The Nerdy Bartender- it was very difficult, and while it worked, it was far from worth the hassle and the mess.  I still have my 2lbs bag of giant woodchips from the last time (and that was the smallest bag I could find!) Enter Breville. Not only is the Smoking Gun easy to use, but It comes with tiny, cute, little woodchips.

I'm super excited to continue using this product! I think I'll do a bacon showdown smoking the cheapest bacon I can find, the fanciest and something in the middle.  I suppose I'll have to be the judge as well... it's not easy being me.

I definitely recommend picking up one of these Smoking Guns and making my cocktail! If you don't have one, I'm sure the drink tastes pretty good without the Christmasy smokiness, too, but probably not near as amazing as it does WITH the smoke! 

On the episode, we had East Side Games in the studio to be our guests for the evening, and big shoutouts to them for both putting up with our shenanigans and for their epically successful charity stream!  I’d like to give a heartfelt thank you to ZeroPointProps, Sir_Gforce, kageappalled and my mom for donating to the Vancouver Food back on East Side's 24hr marathon stream last Saturday, you made a huge difference in so many people's lives and helped shatter their first goal of the night!  And thank you to Chatland for showing up on a non-stream day to show the world that SCIBC!

Smoking in the Sidecar





Pour and enjoy!