The Bacon Equation

Dec 22, 2017 by Stacey

I had so much fun making that smoked cocktail earlier this month that I just HAD to use Breville’s Smoking Gun on Cooking with Stacey!  One problem: what do I smoke? The world is my (smoked) oyster and this was an important decision.

What do I smoke? The world is my (smoked) oyster and this was an important decision.

Smoked cheese is one of my favorite snacks, but so is bacon… and popcorn... and I put butter on as many things as the gym will allow me to (which is everything because I don’t listen to the gym).  The Stacey solution? ALL THE THINGS: Smoked cheese and bacon popcorn drizzled with butter.

The next problem: what kind of bacon?  My go to for the longest time has been the Costco brand bacon.  Mostly because with the amount we use on the shows, it’s the best bang for the buck; but ,now I have an opportunity to compare it to other kinds of bacon.  So, I went to my local butcher and picked up some fresh bacon and then to the store to pick up some turkey bacon.  I love my job.

To start things off, I used the Applewood wood chips to smoke cheap, plain Monterey cheese and then compared it to a non-smoked chunk and HOL-EE was there a difference!  The smoked cheese tasted like something fancy from an authentic deli. I can’t go back to the normal stuff now.  This will be how I eat all my cheeses from now on.

Next, I had the audience pick which wood chips to use for the three types of bacon.  The Smoking Gun itself comes with Applewood and Hickory, but Breville was kind enough to send us Cherrywood and Mesquite chips as well. They decided on Hickory! So, I fried up the bacon, took a piece out for comparison's sake and the rest got smoked!  Once again: HOL-EE it completely changed and enhanced two of the bacon flavors!  Surprisingly, the turkey bacon didn’t change too much, it was a little sweeter, but nothing drastic.  I also learned that YES, butcher bacon is way better than store bought both smoked and not. Yay science!

Lastly, I did the butter and popcorn.  Let’s just say that Jiffy Pop and I will not be doing any sponsored videos anytime soon! That was an experience and a half. LONG LIVE MICROWAVE POPCORN!  I added the smoked cheese to the butter and kept that on the low heat to keep it all melty, poured it onto the popcorn, added chives and VOILA!  I think I could charge $50 a bucket at the movie theatre and could be selling out every night- it’s THAT good!

Thank you, Breville, for sponsoring these episodes! I am now a smoking machine!

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