The Science of Hype: A Different Perspective

Oct 30, 2017 by Mike

Being the host of a live stream is hard.  Let me rephrase that: "being good at hosting a live stream is hard".  The stakes are always high, one mistake, one slip up can cause an uproar (take Pewdiepies's recent reason for being in the news).  Not only that but to be engaging, to be interesting at every single moment is exhausting and stressful, even if you're good at it.  


It's no secret that we do things way differently than everyone else on Twitch. Since it's the two of us doing this full time, we have worked out ways to compliment each other's strengths and weaknesses (I have a LOT of those) to not only make the production run smoothly, but also make sure the other is performing their job to the best of their ability.

Before each show, much like a boxer before stepping into the ring, Stacey hypes herself up. In her case, filling her mind and senses with positive reinforcement, energy, and love. Usually to upbeat music in her headphones.  Then she steps onto set, we do a camera and audio check, and flip on the stream to the familiar "Starting Soon".

Stacey is everything you expect. When the camera turns on, it's just her dialed from nine to eleven.

Next, it's my turn, we do a quick pow-wow (sometimes you see it in the background of the Starting Soon camera), and she feeds me positivity and gives me any final requests/concerns/tasks before I return the positivity to her.  We high five, I run downstairs to the command station and it's go-time!


As you can imagine, after the show is over Stacey doesn't just power down like a robot (note: she's an alien, not a robot). Sometimes we have guests to entertain, ie Nerdy Bartender, but regardless, she is still buzzing, sometimes for hours. If we don't bring her down, she won't sleep. 

So, after every show, she comes down to the command station (I'm open to new names for my computer) and immediately wants to know how the show went.  Stacey is a perfectionist.  If she messed up her words once, she's upset about it.  So, it's my job to share what I saw from my side; from nice things someone said in Chatland, to jokes that landed, to how the viewers seemed to feel about the show overall.  Armyhutchings introduced us to something he learned in the military: Sustains and Improves.  We come up with three things that went well and do not need changing, then we go over three things that could have been better, or in Stacey's word "needs work".  Fun fact, if Stacey ever tells you something "needs work", it probably sucks.

Lately, we've been hitting up the gym after each show in order to release the remaining energy that has accumulated in her batteries- I mean, alien insides.  This has been working really well in combination with the above.

The Real Deal

I want to be clear: who Stacey is on camera is who she actually is in real life.  She's not some fake persona, some made up character or someone who excessively hides behind a curated social media profile.  Anyone who has met her can back this up.  

Stacey is everything you expect. When the camera turns on, it's just her dialed from nine to eleven.  She doesn't swear that much, she's always perky, she's constantly adorable, and she genuinely cares about you.