Silent Hill

Not all Nurses heal.

Silent Hill was our next attempt at a Cosplay Fan Film. After the release of the mysterious demo "P.T", we were inspired to try and video in the horror genre. This time, we left the cosplaying to the wonderful Oshley Cosplay and Kayla Rose Cosplay. These girls were lovely to work with, and their costumes were absolutely incredible!

This was also our first collaboration with the outstanding VanCosplay. Ryan was such a huge help and because of how well we all worked together, we knew right then that this would certainly not be the last time we worked together. Little did we know that every project from here on out would be a Whabam/VanCosplay collaboration... (spoilers!)

But no matter how great your team is, how beautiful your cameras are, how amazing the costumes look, unless you have a perfect location- everything can fall flat. Fortunately, a local teacher and fan of Whabam offered us his school to film in- the only catch: we only had one day.

WIth the help of everyone involved (and what I say "everyone", I mean eight of us), we some how managed to pull it off!

Shooting time: 10 hours. Cost including gas, food, etc: <$500