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It's Finally That Time of Year!

My favorite time of year along with Christmas and thanksgiving and Easter and Valentine's Day and my birthday! Oooooh and summer! Let's just go with I really love Halloween. I love dressing up, watching scary movies eating candy and of course making spooky delicious cocktails. This year, I wanted to do something special: combining my two favorite things, alcohol and candy! So naturally, I thought spiked candy apples. This Turned out to be quite the process. I ended up creating quite a few interesting versions before coming up with the final recipe.

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From Kitchen to Evil Laboratory

I worked away in my lab for hours trying to craft the perfect spiked apple. And I say lab because by the time I crafted the perfect recipe my kitchen definitely looked like something out of a horror movie. One that features a crazy mad scientist aka me. If you had walked in you would have seen dark red food coloring staining the countertops, black sticky goo dripping from all sorts of things and hacked up apple slices all over the floor. It was quite the gruesome scene. My experiment began with learning how to make candy. I had never done this before and it was quite the challenge.I also wanted to add alcohol right into the candy to give it some more flavour, so that didn't make things easier. For the alcohol I used Jack Daniel's Fire. It has a smooth, delicious cinnamon taste and I felt it would go along nicely with the apple. The alcohol will get cooked off, but you'll be left with candy that tastes adultalicious. Yup just made up that word for adult only candy. . It sounds dirty. Hmm need new word here. Back to the process! I went through four bags of sugar experimenting with candying the apples! It was not easy, but once I got the hang of it I think I will be making candy on a regular basis. So, if it's your first time, hopefully you will find my do's and dont's helpful and I can save you some sugar! Because we all know wasting sugar is bad, pretty much a crime.

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Two Important Tips!

1) You definitely need a candy thermometer! Go out and buy one if you don't have one. You can buy them at the grocery store and you really do need it to reach that perfect temperature of 310 degrees.

2) After removing it from the heat and the bubbles start to settle move fast! Like mad scientist fast! It cools so quickly, you really don't have much time.

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The Third Time's the Charm

My first batch was so exciting that I got caught up taking photos and trying sample it instead of actually candying anything. Within moments, the candy had hardened and no candying happened. The next batch I was trying to make my apple so beautiful and perfect that I only candied one before the candy hardened. And when it hardens, don't try and reheat it. I was determined that I could reheat it and still make it work. Nope. Doesn't work. I tried three times before I finally faced the fact that it just wasn't going to work. I'm a little stubborn. Also, when placing your candy apples on the wax paper don't put them too close together. Somehow I managed to stick three apples together and when I attempted to pull them apart they dropped onto the floor and shattered everywhere. But I persevered, and once I finally got the hang of it, I was able to start having fun with the candy. I decorated them in many different ways. I enjoyed splattering them with a contrasting color of candy so it looks like the poison was oozing out of the apple. Have fun with it and get creative.

The Missing Piece

Next step was to figure out how to add more alcohol. I really wanted these to poisonous candy apples to play their part. I obviously didn't want to poison anyone, but after consuming one, I wanted you to feel a little out of it aka tipsy. At first, I tried making alcoholic jello and filling the apple with it. It was tasty but, I basically managed to make candy apples even messier than they already were. You probably didn't think that was possible, but trust me, it is.

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Regardless, these are candy apples: no matter how old you are, there is no easy way to eat them. You just have to accept that when you devour a candy apple your face and fingers will be a sticky mess. After a long day in my disastrous kitchen- I mean "lab", I just sat there drinking Jack's Fire mixed with apple cider... and that's when it dawned on me: Hidden shots inside of the apple. A poison apple shot glass, on a stick, where when you're done drinking and refilling you can eat the tasty shot glass. Plus, the idea of lifting the top off of the apple and drinking the inside seemed magical to me. I had figured it out!

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I Showed You Mine...

To date this has been one of the most challenging drinks I've made- but also the most fun one to drink. If you make spiked candy apples please send me photos because I love to see your creations. Have a spooky Halloween Whabammers!. Recipe below!

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