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Bond. James Bond.

Who's excited for SPECTRE? I know l am! I will most definitely be there on opening night! Bag of popcorn in one hand, snuck-in martini in the other. With the movie quickly approaching, a lot of my friends have been asking how to make a James Bond martini (for themed parties, I guess?). The answer is actually more complicated than you'd think:

Not Just Martinis

Obviously, the one most commonly known is the a vodka martini- which is vodka and white vermouth- "shaken not stirred". Shaken not stirred... SHAKEN NOT STIRRED?! Man up James Bond, drink your martini the proper way: stirred. When you shake a martini, not only does it dilute the drink, but you get tiny pieces of ice floating and melting in there. Then again, if Daniel Craig asked me for a shaken martini, how could I say no to those dreamy eyes, sexy accent, rippling muscles... but I digress.. Bond has also ordered (insert drink history here)

One Drink to Rule Them All

But the one martini everyone refers to when they ask me that question is the one he invents in Casino Royale: the Vesper. I had a lot of fun making this drink, mostly because as I sip it, I pretend I am an undercover agent. Though I won't lie, it%u2019s not my favorite drink- it%u2019s a little harsh for my tastes. To fix that, when I make them for myself, I change the recipe a little bit: I use lemon flavored vodka. I forgot to include that tip in my video.

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I Showed You Mine...

If you try this drink out, please let me know! Especially if you try my version of it with the lemon vodka. Recipe below!

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