Short Films

For The Fun Of It


Coming Soon™

After working with Matt Campbell on Nightwing, we decided to team up with Mattbox Media (his company) to see if we had the chemistry to work on larger projects together. It all came together quickly. A  long oner in a short action sequence with a multitude of stunts people.  Melissa Jin...

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Overwatch Legacy

Death Comes to Those Who Wait

Overwatch: the most anticipated game from Blizzard in the last decade. Obviously, we had to do a video of it! This was our most ambitious project yet. With the love we got from Silent Hill and the friends we made from visiting different Comic and Anime conventions, we were able to collaborate with...

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Silent Hill

Not all Nurses heal.

Silent Hill was our next attempt at a Cosplay Fan Film. After the release of the mysterious demo "P.T", we were inspired to try and video in the horror genre. This time, we left the cosplaying to the wonderful Oshley Cosplay and Kayla Rose Cosplay. These girls were lovely to...

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Bring The Rain

Starcraft was our first real attempt at a "cosplay fan film'. The only thing was: we didn't know what 'cosplay' was! So, all the materials used, the foams, the rubbers, the glues, the paints- all of them we're not the most ideal for what we need, but in the end, we were very...

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