Overwatch Legacy

Death Comes to Those Who Wait

Overwatch: the most anticipated game from Blizzard in the last decade. Obviously, we had to do a video of it!

This was our most ambitious project yet. With the love we got from Silent Hill and the friends we made from visiting different Comic and Anime conventions, we were able to collaborate with the incredible talents of Henchmen Props and Dara DeFreitas Cosplay.

The Story

Henchmen Props gratuitously donated his time to build the Tracer cosplay, and of course, he was the man behind the terrifying Reaper cosplay! Unfortunately, due to time constraints and disastrous customer service from UPS, we weren't able to get Tracer's guns in time for shooting. This meant we needed to quickly rethink our plan of attack. (Something to keep in mind when doing collaborations with people from out of town: be open to last minute changes!)

We ended up adding a day of shooting and teamed up with Melissa- a kick-ass local stunt girl who happens to be Stacey's size! With some fancy fight choreography put together on the spot, we were able to salvage the lack-of-guns dilemma.

We released the video for the annual Blizzcon video competition but didn't end up placing. We also ran into another interesting turn of events: the video made it onto sites like Kotaku, MMO Champion and (eventually) IGN! This brought us the most views we had ever seen before and it was exciting! But then people starting thinking this was funded by Blizzard, or that it was a REAL trailer for an Overwatch movie... so, cool that we put together something that people felt was up at that level, but not so cool that it made the bar incredibly high and resulted in a lot of angry fans.

Time to shoot: 3 Days. Cost: $3000