Bring The Rain

Starcraft was our first real attempt at a "cosplay fan film'. The only thing was: we didn't know what 'cosplay' was! So, all the materials used, the foams, the rubbers, the glues, the paints- all of them we're not the most ideal for what we need, but in the end, we were very proud of the final product! If you look closely, you can see where the foam tore on the chest piece, and we weren't able to repair it for shooting

The Story

This also marked the first time we collaborated with another film maker: Kerry James (Heartland). Kerry was great to work with and helped bring our vision to reality.

When it comes to action videos, you'll never have enough fall guys. Stuntmen. Men who do stunts (also women, but we didn't need any for this project!). We were super lucky to have some amazingly talent come help us out: Fraser, Randy and Griff. Thank you guys so much for falling down hill sides, collapsing onto hard ground and for being all-around troopers on the day!

The shoot took 4 days and cost between $1,500 and $2,000 including food, gas and cosplay materials