Whabam Studio

Originality. Quality. Community.

After clearing out our garage and sacrificing our kitchen, we began the task of building a live streaming studio from the ground up. With the amazing support of our community, Whabam Studio was born..

Driven by the needs of our audience and our need to satisfy our inner vision, we are constantly seeking new ways to upgrade and modify our sets in the most cost-effective way possible. We force our equipment to go above and beyond what it was designed for in order to produce an experience that is unique and memorable on our platform.

We couldn't have done it without our incredible Whabammers or generous sponsors like Rode Microphones and Corsair.

The Studio

The Whabam has gone through so many different iterations with our sets, mainly The Nerdy Bartender. When we decided to get serious about our live streaming, our shows, and our network, "Whabam Studio" was born.  

Previously, we had three shows in three completely different areas of the townhouse.  It was a logistical nightmare moving the computer and the lights for every show!  The first plan was to have a dedicated space, in this case, the garage, where we could set up the computer station and have all the sets in one place.  

Production quality has always been important to us and so has time efficiency. So we consolidated the shows to the back of the garage and put up magnetic, interchangeable panels to differentiate the shows quickly and easily.  

When we upgraded from webcams to the Blackmagic camera, the quality of the set couldn't be hidden with poor resolution.  Also, with Stacey's cooking show gaining popularity, preparing meals in the garage became not an option. Yes, we considered building a fake kitchen in the garage.  Despite all the work we put into having all the shows in one place, it became apparent that the cooking show had to be in the kitchen on the next floor up.  The solution? Really long cables.

We still have to move the lights and the camera between the garage and the kitchen, but at least we don't have to move the computer anymore!